Not everything is what it seems.

The world is full of lights and shadows, but very few can see what lies beneath them. The forces of the Light and the Darkness fight from the dawn of times for the souls of men.

Different orders, secret societies and cults have survived to these days, behind important names, symbols and governments. You´ll know them gradually. They have taking part and manipulated History, have strengthened their forces and their power, and their keep doing it, before our very eyes, in ways you´d never imagine.

Demons, witches, zombies, fairies, spectrums and many other creatures walk among us. Maybe, beneath the greetings of the bartender who pours your coffee in the mornings, or the hairdresser´s that does your hair. Or maybe beneath the nice smile of the politic that demands your vote… Well, I know, I know, this last one won´t surprise anyone.

A world full of magic, blood and steel, hidden in the current society of technology and sciences, which you thought you knew. A world in which very few things happen by chance… in which not much happens like you though it happened.


“-…Needless to say, what kind of people belong to cults like the Blood Moon.

-So, there are more cults?

Mi two mates smile, looking at me with tenderness.

-Many more, friend”.


The first book: Anomalous: The Blood Moon.

Light, Darkness, blood and humor.

In this very story, we´ll meet the Historical Conservation Society, an organization with more than a thousand years of antiquity, that fights against the forces of Darkness, convinced that the best weapon against the evil is education. We´ll meet one of the Society´s more argumentative members, Artai. A politically incorrect character with “dark” Powers, which is immersed in a much bigger quest than he thought, while he looks for his disappeared mentor.

A powerful witches´ coven has gathered with the intent of covering the world in gloom. In his way against them, Artai will find all kinds of dangers, and some new friends who will help them in his quest, like Iria, the queen of mouras (fairies), and first “meiga”.

Located in galician lands, this is an adventure full of magic, supernatural beings, action, epic moments and humor.

“Take this first adventure like a prelude of all that is yet to come. I hope this book and their characters will captivate you, and make you enjoy, with its tons of witchcraft, blood and some guffaws.” Note from the author.

Anomalous, The Blood Moon. Chapter X

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