We keep working on cuarentine. LIGHT ALWAYS WON.

We keep working on cuarentine. LIGHT ALWAYS WON.

Apr 13 David Iglesias  

– We are dealing with a critic situation without precedents since 70 years ago. But, We can´t let the world stop because of it. We need to keep working. My objetive is to continue entertaining readers and fiction fans with my books, and my tales. And I´ll carry on with it.

– More draws, so that you may know all my universe. I know that it might not be a great work, but here it is all my passion and love.

– We had planned the publication of the Book III in April 2020, but we delayed it, till the end of May.

– Considering the situation, We are going to reduce the price of the book I

– The drawing fans, as I am, can see my work and latest news, on my youtube channel.


– Thanks to you all. Take good care of yourselves and of yours. And dont worry, THE LIGHT ALWAYS PREVAILS.

– READ, SUBSCRIBE, SHARE, COMMENT, and if you like it, help my work, to reach more people.

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