Feb 12 David Iglesias  

Hello everyone, I apologize about the lack of activity this last month, but the work load has been huge. This universe keeps growing: More ideas, more publications, and more graphic content, and all of this, from the hands of this humble apprentice.
I´m not sure of where all of this will end, but it is clear to me where I´m going. However, there is a long road to go yet. I expect to return to my usual work rhythm in a few days to keep showing you all these characters, factions, and supernatural creatures I´m working on.
You´ll understand what I´m telling you when I´ll show you this year´s work schedule. I´m afraid that this is getting out of control. More books, comics, and much more graphic content. I will go on building bit by bit this magic reality in which nothing is what it seems.
I hope that one day, you´ll can enjoy and laugh reading these books and that you get hooked on these characters. Because that is my only purpose: Entertain you, make you laugh and want to learn more about them and their epic adventures.
Thank you all.

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