New Character. Captain Caleb Amin.

New Character. Captain Caleb Amin.

Mar 08 David Iglesias  

Captain Caleb Amin Gómez de la Vega, appears only in the prologue of the book I: anomalous, the Blood Moon. Although we don´t know much about him, he is a good friend of Artai, and this makes him a character to take on count.
Caleb is the Nemesis captain, a 72 cannons´s Spanish galleon. And…yes, he is an XXI century pirate. A smuggler wanted by the law. His vessel seals protected by a magical glow which makes it invisible and indetectable. His crew is formed by men and women like him; exiled and forgotten. They aren´t all human.

As the pirates we know, Caleb likes to have fun among folks and huge beer jars; singing and drinking. He is a man linked to the sea and a free spirit like our friend Artai.
Caleb is an extraordinary warrior, skillful with almost any weapon, and with superhuman physical capacities.
And of course, he is a true stud, and that is something that several times has got him into trouble. Half Spanish, half Egyptian, we´ll possibly know more about him soon
This is Captain Caleb ……

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