“As Catro primeiras”, The 4 Earthborns

Meigas and Mouras are two of the names given to witches, fairies and some other supernatural creatures of feminine gender in the lands of Galicia and part of the North of Spain.

The Catro primeiras or the first four, were engendered from the very Gaia, the mother Earth. Protectors of the Light, guardians of the earth and life-makers. In a moment of desperation and with a high price, the first 4 meigas, more druids than witches, were brought to this world to combat the devastating power of the Blood Moond.

Queens of all the creatures in nature, and with an immense might when they fight togheter, their energy comes from the 4 purest wild elements.

For millenniums, meigas and mouras, unlike the known witches, they have dedicated to propagate the good in different shapes, engendering and teaching many others the same path. Nowadays, they keep helping, apart that with their magic, hidden behind books and white coat: Teachers, doctors, psychologists, vets, scientists…

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