in the future

Book III. Cross topic stories.

The cross topic stories will be, as its name suggests, cross short tales, extracted from field journals of the Society, the High Inquisitors, and some less known characters. These stories, will narrate us, paranormal and confidencial cases that happened in the last century and that will contradict the official versions. We´ll also find, the genesis of some Universo Anomalo characters, and other … awesome, dark and disturbing tales.

This 3rd book will complete the circle around the first phase of this magic world. Deeply introducing the reader into this universe, its rules, and its history, and so helping it to make sense. It will show you lots of things hidden to your eyes.

To be honest, personally I would like to call this book III, the “Tales from the cemetery”, as a tribute to something that I love since my childhood, and many of you, know what I´m thinking about…. hiiiiiihihihihihihi. But all of this will have its own video at some point.

The format of this book, hasn´t been decided yet. The truth is that I want to do something graphic: a comic-book, a graphic novel … etc. Time will tell. However, I´ll bring you, lots of mighty and magic characters, tons of humor, terror and weird tales that I hope u´ll love.

Some about to come out the oven like:

  • Everything is perfect.
  • You are what you are.
  • She.
  • Offended … and much more titles, will come along 2019.


Comics/Graphic novels.

We have some new ideas. First, is of course our Digital free comic, Whitchhammer. A supernatural action story, about a man, forced to begin a crusade against the forces of darkness. Read more about these tales and watch our videos here

We would like to create a graphic work with the adventures of our main characters ” The Anomalous” and their adventures, but this only an idea at the moment. Anyway, 2019 will bring you many surprises.



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