Sociedad de Conservación histórica

The pen and the sword

Funded and consolidated as an independent faction, circa 1134. As a split of the Inquisition, the HCS´s mission is, since almost a thousand years, to fight against the evil forces. However, unlike the Inquisition and some other congregations, the Society is convinced that the only actually helpful weapon against the Darkness in all its shapes is education.

From then, the Society has been pushed aside and mistreated by some of the most powerful factions of Light. Even so, its strenght, its means and methods, have grown and succeeded until today, to turn into one of the main forces of Good.

It counts at least with 30.000 troops: 20.000 spearmen and 10.000 armored infantrymen. Among them, there are some of the most brave and skillful warriors of the globe, but their most powerful weapons are kept among the books of their huge libraries. The named builders, or keepers of the temple. Wizards, immortal and immensely mighty, custodians of ancestral knowledge and of the Metal and Light schools.

Our leading characters belong to this faction, although Artai, because of his controversial methods, has operated the most of the time, as a free entity.

The O´neal surname is deeply rooted with the HCS. Thus, some O´neals were among the few brave and wise warriors who founded the Society. Since then, this family has been an essential part of it, and has been part of its most high hierarchy.

The emblem of the Historical Conservation Society is: “The pen and the sword”.


“Wage your war in the name of who you wish and the way you consider appropriate.
 Keep your cathedrals and protect the noblemen. Meanwhile, the Society
 will ensure the interest of the innocent and the conservation of the culture, 
endeavoring to keep the Light eternally on.”
Fergus O´neal, Senior Curator of the HCS.

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