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  1. Historic Conservation Society
  2. Amazon Faeries
  3. Silver Shield
  4. As catro primeiras (The 4 first borns)
  5. La inquisition
  6. Keepers of the Salomon´s Temple
  7. The Forges
  8. The North Guilds
  9. The Blood Moon
  10. The Seven Kings
  11. Unlife
  12. Vampire Nobility
  13. Necros
  14. Pirates

Historical Conservation Society(HCS)

There was a time, in which the Inquisition, enforced their truth and doctrine with blood and fire. Everyone who dared to stand in their path, were instantly judged and sentenced. The death was the kindest end.

But some people dared to face them. Some were convinced that the answer was the education instead of the punishment. The Knowledge and not the penance.
But the alleged betrayers were banished from the cult forever. That´s how the SCH was born. A group of wise, generous and humble men. Although they were also skilled warriors and powerful sorcerers, which knew that the path against darkness was a different one from the Inquisition´s.
And so, they did thing their own way since then. Teaching and training their members on arts, on sciences and on combat. Saving all souls that they can. Always choosing the knowledge, but ready to combat.

Although the HSC isn´t the most powerful faction, it´s the most important Light faction in UA. It is the main protagonist of our epic adventures and the one to which our group of dysfunctional Light protectors belong.
Welcome to the Historical Conservation Society

The North Guilds

The North guild occupies the territories among the Elba river and the Barents Sea. The guild is one of the most powerful factions of the Light. Although by now it didn´t have an important prominence in our adventures, they appear in the two first books.
It is formed mainly by regal, strong and disciplined dwarfs. The North guild protects their people and their land´s inhabitants with magic and steal.
They are used to more icy climates, the guild works indefatigably in their forges, spread by the whole plant and connected among them, forging the majority of the weapons and the material that the Light forces use in their war.

They live in an almost lifelong war, preventing the necros´advance from the north lands. They are hard as stones and more than agile for their size.
They give a big importance to education, so they instruct their children not only in the arts of war, but as well in Sciences, History and Literature.
Some of their dwarfs live among us, and take Jobs related to their specialties; the technology and the engineering.
This is the North guild: The Light´s best warriors and craftsmen experts.

© Concepts, drawings and texts: David Iglesias Ferreira.
Vigo, Pontevedra. Spain 2020

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