Frequently asked questions

0. ¿Before starting, are these books published on English?

Not at the moment. But they will be during this year. And calm down guys … I won´t translated them.

1. ¿But, are they comics, grafic novels, or … ?

My work currently revolves around ilustrated books. However, we´ll possibly have some grafic content soon.

2. Anomalous, The Blood Moon. ¿To which gender it belongs exactly?

This first title, like the others which will come, are supernatural fantasy books, filled with adventures, lots of action and humor. Recommendated to +17 cause their violent contents and sometimes acid humor. But, as I previously said, they all are written in  a comedy tone.

3. ¿Which publishing company it belongs to and where can I buy them ? 

Universo Anómalo has just took off as an editorial. So, step by step, we will be plowing our way.  At the moment, this first work it´s published by Amazon, both in Kindle and paperback version. In a short future, it will be published in other platforms and formats.


Its price,  in Kindle version  its 6.99 € and  12,45€  in paperback +  respective taxes in each country.

5. ¿ How can I get the book, if I live out of Spain?

The book´s distribution is provided by Amazon. You won´t have any problem to get it, BUT the delivery taxes can vary slighly.

6. ¿What do I expect from you as readers?

If you´re looking for a book full of romantic stories… If you want to read a book in which the paradigms of this furious capitalist society are questioned… Or you want a book that, by nursery philosophy, makes you think about the universe´s entropy and the meaning of life… I´m sorry, this is definitely NOT your book. If on the contrary, you´re looking for an adventure filled with action, epic, supernatural creatures and lots of humor, from the hand of heroes a bit… different, there´s no doubt this is your book.

Universo Anómalo borns with the only claim of entertain their readers. I want that you laught, enjoy the action, the advetures, and maybe sometime, open your eyes and say … “woow”.

The first thing I expect is, to have some feedback.  I would like that you give me your impresions, either are they good or bad. The idea is to fill this magic universe of characters and new adventures that will make us live epic moments. So I would appreciate your advises and critics.

The second thing that I would like is, that the readers would want more. More about factions, more about characters, and about, of this universe and this reality seen from diferent angle.

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