REBUILD 2K20. This year, we keep working to update this web and the rest of the stuff, with the purpose of finishing the building of this huge idea called Universo Anómalo (Anomalous Universe). I apologize in first term, for the inconveniences that these continous updates cause to users or future readers. But trust me. It will be worth it.

At the end of this year, we will have a whole adventures universe, with hundreds of characters, factions, and supernatural creatures, that will give you hours and hours of entertaiment. I´m awared that I´m not a great graphic artist, but I assure you that I´ll put on this idea all my pasion, and maybe in some time, another more talented artist will join us (by force, of course) and finish these concepts, with the quality that they deserve.

Like I said earlier, I would like all who visit this web, our blog or the Youtube channel, to think: “These are not just some books”.
This idea, will go far beyond … comics? video games ? … why not.

    1. Artai
    1. Iria
    1. Ángela Clearwaters
    1. Angus O´neal
    1. Olaf Haakonsson
    1. Abel
    1. Captain Caleb Amin Gomez de la Vega
    1. Maestro Jiram, The builder
    1. Maestro Amon, The prophet
    1. Igvar Magnus, Lord of the North Guild
    1. Progenitora Ania
    1. High inquisitor, Alexander Gui
    1. Nobili Marco
    1. Elizabet Bathory, The Voodoo Queen
    1. Lázaro, The unlife
    1. Phillippe Henri Dubois of Lusignan
    1. Baal. First king´s Avatar
    1. Magii Scholarii, Zarek
    1. Maestro Tiberius, The cursed

Angela Clearwaters

Here it is. One of the most important characteres of our realm. Angela Clearwaters is an amazon faery. But not one of this tiny beings that the books usually describe. She is a powerfull, strenght, agile and real amazon. She is brave and bold. She comes from northwest Spanish´ forests. There , as in thousands of world´s forests, they live in women tribes with a inflexible hierachical structure.
They are part of the light forces. They are Gaia´s daugthers, proctectors of the Earth and life bearers. Angela, in particular, is one of their better warriors and she has a real rage temperamente. Carefull with this little lady.

Every week, I´ll bring you, one of this characters, factions and supernatural creatures. SUSBCRIBE TO OUR CHANNEL, or visit this page to be update. If you like read, you like urban fantasy, action, adventures and sarcarstic and
© Concepts, drawings and texts: David Iglesias Ferreira.
Vigo, Pontevedra. Spain 2020

Captain Caleb Amin Gomez de la Vega

Captain Caleb Amin Gómez de la Vega, appears only in the prologue of the book I: anomalous, the Blood Moon. Although we don´t know much about him, he is a good friend of Artai, and this makes him a character to take on count.
Caleb is the Nemesis captain, a 72 cannons´s Spanish galleon. And…yes, he is an XXI century pirate. A smuggler wanted by the law. His vessel seals protected by a magical glow which makes it invisible and indetectable. His crew is formed by men and women like him; exiled and forgotten. They aren´t all human.

As the pirates we know, Caleb likes to have fun among folks and huge beer jars; singing and drinking. He is a man linked to the sea and a free spirit like our friend Artai.
Caleb is an extraordinary warrior, skillful with almost any weapon, and with superhuman physical capacities.
And of course, he is a true stud, and that is something that several times has got him into trouble. Half Spanish, half Egyptian, we´ll possibly know more about him soon
This is Captain Caleb ……
© Concepts, drawings and texts: David Iglesias Ferreira.
Vigo, Galicia,  Spain 2020

Olaf Hakoonson

Protector of Aesir Knowledge

A man from the North. From an antique giants’ race. A mighty warrior, and a man of honor. He spent centuries in darkness, as the prisoner of a witch´s spell. When he finally could open his eyes again, a thousand years had passed. This is a new world, to which slowly, our friend is adapting, thanks you his new battle partner, Artai.

Olaf, sick of blood, steel and darkness, left the weapons, to become a member of the Silver Shield order. Since then, he promulgates the word and the knowledge above all. The heir of the Aesir. He is generous, kind and warm hearted, and he refuses the fight by all means. Although, if he is forced to it, he doesn´t hesitate to vanquish all who dare to cross his path. He possesses the sacred power and the magic of the Light, as well as the strength of more than a hundred men..
© De conceptos, textos y dibujos: David Iglesias Ferreira.
Vigo, Pontevedra. Galicia, Spain 2020.

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