Book I is here !!!!

Book I is here !!!!

Jan 23 David Iglesias  

Fiiiiinally, you have avaliable in English version, the first book of this fantasy universe. Kindle version and paperback. Only on Amazon. I hope that you enjoy this first book. My only purpose is entertain you. Make you laugh, make you amaze. That you have a good time.
A little big story, with magic, action, light, darkness, adventures, and tons of humor. Although, I confess that I´m worried for this last part cause the 90% of jokes of this book, are based on sarcasm, cinycism and irony. And this is a real hard part in a traslation. But well, I hope that we have known.
I know what are you thinking now …. But don´t worry. I´M NOT THE TRANSLATOR. muahaha

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