La luna de sangre

The Blood Moon per se is formed essentially by witches who, disseminated by all the globe and known with various names in different cultures, spread their venom and submit every one that falls under their sway, in one way or another. Every one of them, in function of their power, is able to “tie up” one or more creatures in order to make them their slaves and guardians. They are divided in several covens, formed by one or two dark mothers and an undetermined number of daughters or initiated witches.

The witches, although with some other names, are mentioned since the dawn of times, in all the planets ‘cultures.

“I start reading the text translated by angus, it is about how from the first woman that willingly gave her body and soul to a demon, they were born three girls: the first three witches, previous to the Grayas or Gorgons. Since their mother died while giving birth, these three girls were raisen and taught in the darkest arts, by the powerful demon. Soon they became perverse, evil, mighty and immortal. Begotten by and for evil. With and only purpose: Walk the earth for centuries to come, engendering and lecturing new witches, creating covens of daughters and lovers of the demon, under the symbol of the Blood Moon. And so it has been for centuries, in which the dark magic and witchcraft were spread, turning into almost a religion, creating new gods and dark creatures. By centuries, their acolytes have referred to them as The Mothers”.

Artai. The Blood Moon, chapter V.

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