REBUILD 2K20. This year, we keep working to update this web and the rest of the stuff, with the purpose of finishing the building of this huge idea called Universo Anómalo (Anomalous Universe). I apologize in first term, for the inconveniences that these continous updates cause to users or future readers. But trust me. It will be worth it.

At the end of this year, we will have a whole adventures universe, with hundreds of characters, factions, and supernatural creatures, that will give you hours and hours of entertaiment. I´m awared that I´m not a great graphic artist, but I assure you that I´ll put on this idea all my pasion, and maybe in some time, another more talented artist will join us (by force, of course) and finish these concepts, with the quality that they deserve.

Like I said earlier, I would like all who visit this web, our blog or the Youtube channel, to think: “These are not just some books”.
This idea, will go far beyond … comics? video games ? … why not.


Among the Ireland and Scotland forest´s darkness, terrible being are hidden. The mythology describes them as spirits that haven´t find rest. Evil human´s souls that have been expelled from the other side, and they come back as sinister creatures. They are the SLUAGHS
Here, in the UA, the Sluaghs are dark faeries. Female figures, as mostly of faeries, but in this case, as beautiful as evil. Agile, fast and ethereal. They dominate the death magic but are especially weak against holy and elemental schools
They live in the dark of some forests, waiting in the darker and foggy nights, for any unlucky to cross their lands.

They attack in packs, surround their victims, to subsequently eat or rip their souls, and as them, their victims become sluaghs.
Although by now the sluaghs have had only a short appearance in the book “Anomalous, The Blood Moon”, they are creatures which to take on count. Terrible, dark and evil … the Sluaghs.

© Concepts, drawings and texts: David Iglesias Ferreira.
Vigo, Pontevedra. Spain 2020.

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