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SLUAGH – Irlanda, Escocia

Among the Ireland and Scotland forest´s darkness, terrible being are hidden. The mythology describes them as spirits that haven´t find rest. Evil human´s souls that have been expelled from the other side, and they come back as sinister creatures. They are the SLUAGHS

Here, in the UA, the Sluaghs are dark faeries. Female figures, as mostly of faeries, but in this case, as beautiful as evil. Agile, fast and ethereal. They dominate the death magic but are especially weak against holy and elemental schools
© Texts, concepts & draws: David Iglesias Ferreira.
Vigo,Pontevedra. Spain 2020

Trolls – Myht

The “troll” name usually refers to a Nordic folk diabolic race. Although, every mythology has similar creatures. The English ogres, the snowman, from Russian steppes, or even the Vasc “Basahaun”. Their membership in the Light or Darkness armies, varies depending on the legends consulted. In some of them, they are diabolic creatures, while in others, they are kind, and even naïve giants.

They are typically described as anthropomorph beings, with a size superior to any living human bean, with a titanic strength, but short on intelligence. In UA, they are mentioned in different moments. Sometimes, as part of the hell hordes, and in others, as almost hermits, who live in remote highland´s caves. Soon you´ll read some tales that might give you a different perspective on the… genesis of these creatures.
© Texts, concepts & draws: David Iglesias Ferreira.
Vigo,Pontevedra. Spain 2020

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