New faction. THE NORTH GUILD.

The North guild occupies the territories among the Elba river and the Barents Sea. The guild is one of the most powerful factions of the Light. Although by now it didn´t have an important prominence in our adventures, they appear […]

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New Character. Captain Caleb Amin.

Captain Caleb Amin Gómez de la Vega, appears only in the prologue of the book I: anomalous, the Blood Moon. Although we don´t know much about him, he is a good friend of Artai, and this makes him a character […]

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Work in progress ….

Hi guys!. We keep working on this fantasy universe. ASAP I will bring you, our first humor/terror stories and one chapter of the 1st book, for free reading. IF you enjoy of these stuff, I would like to get your […]

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New faction. Historical Conservation Society

Feb 16  David Iglesias  

Historical Conservation Society(HCS) There was a time, in which the Inquisition, enforced their truth and doctrine with blood and fire. Everyone who dared to stand in their path, were instantly judged and sentenced. The death was the kindest end. But […]

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New Creature. Sluaghs – Ireland, Scotland

Angela Clearwaters Among the Ireland and Scotland forest´s darkness, terrible being are hidden. The mythology describes them as spirits that haven´t find rest. Evil human´s souls that have been expelled from the other side, and they come back as sinister […]

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Hello everyone, I apologize about the lack of activity this last month, but the work load has been huge. This universe keeps growing: More ideas, more publications, and more graphic content, and all of this, from the hands of this […]

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Book I is here !!!!

Fiiiiinally, you have avaliable in English version, the first book of this fantasy universe. Kindle version and paperback. Only on Amazon. I hope that you enjoy this first book. My only purpose is entertain you. Make you laugh, make you […]

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NEW character. Angela Clearwaters, the storm. Book I

Here it is. One of the most important characteres of our realm. Angela Clearwaters is an amazon faery. But not one of this tiny beings that the books usually describe. She is a powerfull, strenght, agile and real amazon. She […]

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Book I, first trailer.

Jan 06  David Iglesias  

Here it is the Book I first trailer. It´s simply. There´s no too much resources avaliables at the moment. But soon, we can do better works that you can enjoy.

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Web rebuild. Update 2020

I apologize for the inconveniences that this update can cause. We are continously working to improve this supernatural fantasy universe. This year I hope that you can enjoy, laught and open your eyes with amaze with this epic adventures and […]

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