Hadas amazona

Gaia´s daughters

Hidden, as we all know, in the depth of the woods, and protected wit magic. The fairies have lived, from thousands of years, divided in tribes, and being protectors of the Earth.

Indirect daughters of Gaia, these magical creatures live in societies formed and leaded by women and with solid hierarchies and strict rules. Althought you may think the fairies are tiny and smily beings who flutter as butterflies, the real ones are actual amazons. They are raised and educated in a spartan culture, so every single one of them is trained in the war arts from their childhood. Masters of the arch and the spear, they are lethal as well in close combat. Quick and agile as felines, they have the ability to change their stature on command and some of them, even have the magic of life. Although they are not strictly a faction, their domains extend to all the forests in the planet.

Like all the beings that are now part of legends and folklore, they receive various names in different places, but all of them are described with similar characteristics. There are tales about how some of them seduce peasants and lonely hikers. There´s no doubt their appearance and their beauty is one of their weapons but… I can assure you that, almost every man, would be dead long before he could even touch one of these creatures. Furthermore, for them, men are merely instruments for their specie´s reproduction.


Ángela Crystal clear waters AKA “The Storm”

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