Anomalous, the Blood Moon

What to expect from this book? English version NOT avaliable yet.

If you´re looking for a book full of romantic stories… If you want to read a book in which the
paradigms of this furious capitalist society are questioned… Or you want a book that, by
nursery philosophy, makes you think about the universe´s entropy and the meaning of life…
I´m sorry, this is definitely NOT your book. If on the contrary, you´re looking for an adventure
filled with action, epic, supernatural creatures and lots of humor, from the hand of heroes
a bit… different, there´s no doubt this is your book..

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Digital Comic

At the end of each chapter, u cant dowload the digital version totaly free. Hope u enjoy.

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    WITCHHAMMER, Part II. Supernatural[...]

    Last part, and last version (I hope) of our video comic. Enjoy it. This will be a great story.  Downloadable .pdf version, at the end of each chapter. ¿Have you seen the first part?  You can do it here. Susbcribe […]

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    I+D on Youtube. Sorry[...]

    This channel, and this idea its just beginig. For that reason, we are continously working, looking the best way to show you our works. Times, formats, ..etc. Maybe some videos will remove or reedit in this process. Sorry, for possibles […]

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    Drawing comics. New faction.

    Other video for amateur cartoonist like me. In this case, in high speed version. One of the first concepts and one of the most important factions of these magic universe. AMAZON FAERIES. BOOKS NOT AVALIABLE YET, but will be soon.

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